About Ellie Stevenson

Ellie StevensonI am a writing coach and author, and a former careers adviser.

Coaching: I will help you define your goals, make a plan of action, address issues and make regular progress. Writing a book is a great example of this. You CAN succeed! Even short-term coaching can make a huge difference. I also review manuscripts.

A free consultation on  your project is available, with no obligation and I offer several packages to suit your budget.

I am also the author of three novels, one collection of short stories and a non-fiction booklet (see below).

Memberships: Alliance of Independent Authors, the Society of Authors and the Careers Writers Association.

Novels and other works

The Floozy in the Park (most recent novel)

Too many people have something to

lose if the truth comes out…

Journalist Jon visits an island, searching for his ex-lover,
whose father was murdered. The killer is still out there.
Nobody likes him asking questions.

Megan, Jon’s partner, is busy building a retail empire. Then
she discovers an Edwardian mystery, connected to her.
She barely notices Jon has gone.

But when she finds the sketch he drew of his ex-lover,
Megan knows Jon is in trouble. Serious trouble.

Can she uncover the truth in time?

Shadows of the Lost Child and Ship of Haunts: the other Titanic Story (novels)

Shadows of the Lost Child is a partly historical mystery with a dash of time travel, set in a city based on historic York.

Ship of Haunts is a complex, sometimes controversial, time-crossing ghost story about Titanic and child migration.

I have also written a collection of short stories: Watching Charlotte Brontë Die: and other surreal stories. Yet again these include death, destruction, ghosts and mystery (with a touch of humour).

I have also written a non-fiction booklet, Writing for Magazines in the UK: how to get paid to write.

I am currently working on my next long work of fiction, fuelled by inspiration, determination and plenty of coffee!